pleasure and liberty

the streets empty
and every door shut

who am I but this meeting
of loss and body

among the poor
I turn to a fine mist

after: “ Missing ” – Via Negativa|Erasure poem fashioned from The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Wednesday 16 August 1665.

I did deliver to him my last will –
But Lord! how sad a sight it is
to see the streets empty of people.
Jealous of every door that one sees shut up,
lest it should be the plague.
I am nowadays very complaisant,
mighty merry – eat and drink with the greatest
pleasure and liberty
with great body and gold;
I, a fine lady – mistresse.


Hell’s Angel or Heaven’s Devil?
By stealth of night, in the darkest hours, or by sun’s brilliance, The Mistresse Is.
Death? Longing? Desire? Lust? Prowler? Predator? Yearning?
Prayed upon. Called forth. Brought down. Lifted up.
She Is.
And yet, she is the unnameable on the tongue’s tipping of scales.

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I keep company with words, the wolves and the wilderness.

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