the missed spider’s web

What lies in the fine notes, the dust motes
shaking into lazy patterns when the curtains

are pulled back, when the one who believed
Spring cleaning was a ticket pass

to presentable, respectable and Godliness
is unforgiven.

Who is she now, having forgotten
the creaking split third rung of the ladder

or the tickling smell of lemon in soap suds
as a divine sign of propriety.

Does the stretch to reach
one more inch heavenwards

forgive the missed spider’s web
strung corner to corner, a dead sow bug

frozen in time’s hands, its cataract body
in fragility a fine crystal goblet housed in silk.

What is right when the children are
faces in a facade, datedly hanging on walls

that bore witness to
scuffs and shadows, and nightly charades

the games played in raised voices and fists
bruising more than pride.

Does she still swear by all things holy.
Does she believe in sanctuary.

Who shoulders the weight, in accusations
of the blind confessional when nothing

is offered up as salve and memory
wishes to fly away on its one unbroken wing

migrating any-elsewhere, as the silken
curtain cocoon is threadbare and there are no

smiling faces for the promised land of
propriety, and respectability in the home.

© P.A. Kynda Palazy.
All rights reserved. 2018 –
after: Letter with only silence by Luisa A. Igloria 
In his last hour, he writes a letter to his mother
consisting of the time and date only; a salutation,
followed by silence. For how could language gather
the enormity of what could be said; or even what can’t?
and sharing at Poet’s United: for Poetry Pantry # 427

Published by

Pat: willow88switches

I write because words scrape and itch to be given body and form. Never underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary.

18 thoughts on “the missed spider’s web”

  1. You have spun a poetic web of words and memories, so delicate yet foreboding. The fist jumped out at me, as did the curtain cocoon. See what happens when the curtains are pulled back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. good point and observation — and something to consider …. when is it better to leave something behind, the “catch all” – or when is it better to have nothing, to start again? if that’s a possibility …

      thanks for your reading Bjorn … and thoughtful comment/ideas … definitely something to chew on, which beats “sow bugs” …


  2. Beautiful and deeply philosophical writing, Pat! 🙂 Especially like; “Who shoulders the weight, in accusations of the blind confessional when nothing is offered up as salve and memory wishes to fly away on its one unbroken wing.”❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a few hidden spider webs and cobwebs hanging behind my curtains and in the living room where no one ever goes since my mother died. When nothing is left, there is nothing. Plain and simple. Retribution, salved consciences, fists, sow bugs….they are all traces of our humanity. When the slate is clean, all humanity disappears. To my mind, a sterile clean house is a dead house.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts Toni 🙂

      it’s never really about the furnishings, or the dirt, or what presentation is – it’s actually about what goes on inside, the interactions, that define us, our humanity, and in some ways, our purpose here, if we can see beyond the “pictures” and figure out what it’s actually all about.


  4. Wow! This poem, I found to be, so powerful and evocative. Family stuff – phew – for me those memories have come to feel something akin to quagmires-midst-the-fairytales-of-my-mind – which I think is the case for a lot of people raised by humans ~ smiles ~ and this poem, has that resonance. A stunning piece of writing … truly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much Wendy ~ I appreciate your generous comment;

      it seems a bit “off” to me – I’m not sure why, yet – something about the way it reads … and this one has waited in the wings for some time, so …. it’s just “shy” of my liking … but I’m glad that it’s powerful and evocative – this means, at least I got something “write” …


    1. thanks Rosemary 🙂 … I hadn’t thought about the spider in this way, actually – and certainly it wasn’t necessarily a huge “forefront” thought when writing this …. but yes, I like the idea very much … something to sweep up and let sit in my mind for some time.


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