a good pennyworth

found ourselves in eggs
silent together

after: “hatchlings ” – Via Negativa|Erasure poem fashioned from The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Monday 25 September 1665.

in discourse, we did agree a bargain
for silk, cinnamon, nutmeggs, and indigo
and I
as near signing for the payment
of the whole sum
did by chance escape
reflecting upon the craft
I could get trifles for my haste
to make a short command among others
but a very pretty bargain will be a good pennyworth;
a little trust and calme
yet not knowing a step of the way
we found ourselves in the darke night
and a wild place, by chance and odde.
aloud we spoke;
but I wonder, in our strange nature,
of the sea-water in a darke night;
it seemed like fire upon every stroke in our bed.


Hell’s Angel or Heaven’s Devil?
By stealth of night, in the darkest hours, or by sun’s brilliance, The Mistresse Is.
Death? Longing? Desire? Lust? Prowler? Predator? Yearning?
Prayed upon. Called forth. Brought down. Lifted up.
She Is.
And yet, she is the unnameable on the tongue’s tipping of scales.



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I keep company with words, the wolves and the wilderness.

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