dancing with hawk

I am one with the warrior spirit of hawk
grounded in the jutting steps before the lift
slow-to-wings extending before the high rise flight
I am whirling precision carried on the air’s swing
circular swirling before the deadly strike

“dancing with hawk”
© P.A. Kynda Palazy.
All rights reserved. 2018 –

We travel along the International Folk Music route, stopping next in Turkey – to explore the music and a dance called Zeibekiko.
The Zeybeks (Zeibeks) were militia & guerrilla fighters of the Aegean Region of the Ottoman Empire. They also were protectors of villages from thieves, tax collectors & landlords.
The Zeibekiko is a military like dance, but mostly, it simulates the essence, spirit and energy of the hawk, which is a most deadly bird of prey. The music is rich, slow and precise, and then light, peppery and even playful.