come together – XXX.


It was like walking into a cathedral –
all that stone welcoming you, for the cold

on their knees, seed-heads bowed
penitents in prayer – silence!
the catacomb of first snow

© P.A. Kynda Palazy.
All rights reserved. 2018 –
I’m naming this form: “Reverse” Tanka – the “closing lines” used as the opening of a conversation, which is the haiku.
and this concludes the 30 days reflection on “autumn” + the “Love Eternally” thematic schematic ~ “creeping minutes like ivy under ice” – which works well, Fall is tucked up in Winter’s hospitality.
for CDHK’s Seasonal Retreat: “Autumn + Love Eternally”
(exploring these concepts in a 30 day meditation|reflection)



autumn’s tracings – XXIX.


cold for it now
an impression left on skin
claw prints in the snow
black squirrel imbibing
rotting crab apples hang like holiday ornaments

for CDHK’s Seasonal Retreat: “Autumn + Love Eternally”
(exploring these concepts in a 30 day meditation|reflection)

“dare I voice” – awakening in sleeplessness

It’s the unspoken,   the “dare I” weighing heavily, not the sudden craving
for coffee and a smoke, too long after a “reasonable” hour, for whatever this means

nor the chorus of juvenile toads creaking in the basement’s darkness – how do they get in? these small things aren’t belly beasts belying truths; it’s the waiting on –

the awakening into the Daliesque surrealism of a life present and unaccounted for in the steps taken towards a black chalk board, as you’re wooden lipped and all

formulas in equations,   (5+3) divided by 2 = ?
that pressing slew of vocabulary words to master:

knowledge   embrace   transient   conscience   hapless
at such a tender age

these ghosting traces, outlined in white chalk, the dust is caked on your hands
standing before    in silence, another grave marker,   you’re witness

face slate cold, unforgiving seams – dreaming to find ” you’re   as is   dissolution” –
what kind of sentence is this? whose hand, larger than your own, hovers and holds

erasing, slow swipe by swipe, removing all tracings of it – them – you –
until nothing but filings are left, fine silk particles, and wherever your physical self

is,     is no more,   – yet you’re waiting on, a phone call imagined in the darkest hours and the moon is as silvery clear as those faces once were sharp, and you realize

you just don’t care –
but still pray, for all troubled souls, perhaps, for your own, the most.

© P.A. Kynda Palazy.
All rights reserved. 2018 –
after: On sleeplessness by Luisa A. Igloria 
What does it matter what form we might
survive in, if there is no one to keep us?
I don’t mean as a different kind of body,
or as fragments sifted into a glass.

cold is the heart

silver in black night
the mourning moon overflows
a stream runs wildly

white petals fall in my hand
chrysanthemum’s tears for frost

© P.A. Kynda Palazy.
All rights reserved. 2018 –
for Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #58 Quest For A New Masterpiece “autumn”
This month our theme is “the leaves are falling” or autumn and so your new masterpiece must be an autumn haiku or autumn tanka. To create a masterpiece you have to “play” with the classical rules as we know them: Let me give you those rules again:
A moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water;
a seasonword (or kigo);
a cutting word (or kireji);
nature and man as part of it;
5-7-5 syllables (for haiku) and 5-7-5-7-7 (for tanka);
a deeper spiritual meaning (for haiku) and love (for tanka);
interchangeable first and third line (for haiku) and a pivot between the two “tanka-stanza”.

lakeside – XXVIII.


the water ripples darkest black
lapping the silver rime at the shore
cupping whitecaps crest, wind blown west
a steaming hot tea held in my hands
standing lakeside

for CDHK’s Seasonal Retreat: “Autumn + Love Eternally
(exploring these concepts in a 30 day meditation|reflection)